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Jeanette, Clairvoyant medium for personal readings in Brisbane
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Past Lives Readings.

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Jeanette, Clairvoyant medium for personal readings in Brisbane

Who was I in a Past Life?

You can benefit from my ability to access past lives.
I explain the past lives of clients for their higher good.
A look at your past will help you to gain more insight into your present experiences and helps you see which life lessons are yet to be learned.
Many of my clients find that knowledge of their past lives is healing. This knowledge can provide insight, increased awareness, and a deeper understanding of the nature of Self.
With your reading, I give my personal view on my past life reading process.

I can help you find the answers to your questions regarding the following subjects;


Our souls have journeyed through many earth lives.

With each past life, some of our fears or experiences can leave a deep impression, and we bring them through each life we live. What we experienced in past lifetimes can come back on us when we are not aware.

Some of our life's lessons are Karmic, when we have to pay for past indiscretions. It is knowing the difference that is important.

Sometimes we don't have any control, recreating past issues that we bring with us from the last lives. We need to be aware of these lessons, as they can stop us from learning new experiences in this life.

If we understand the experiences of the past life, we can recognise if our journey of life this time is a repeat of past lives. Once we can understand our past times, and where our mistakes have come, from we can let go and start healing.

The effects of a past life experiences can create insecurities and phobias in this life, thus preventing your spiritual growth this time around. You choose what you want in your life, so now is the time to seek help in releasing your past life experiences, fear and phobias.

Doing past live healing will change and improve your life, and when you are ready to grow the teacher or healer will enter your life. Repeating past events, and encountering soul mates, is also part of finishing off past live experiences, so that you can continue on to your next life with no baggage.